The Revitalization Power of Kitchen Backsplash Tile

kitchen back splash tileThe kitchen is one of the most highly trafficked areas in the home. It serves as the de facto meeting area for family and friends alike, and generally provides a warm and welcoming feeling. However, in order to properly set this upbeat, positive and refreshing feeling, the kitchens design and colours need to reflect this sentiment. Over time, your kitchen may lose that feeling if it is not kept up to date with current trends and vibrant beauty. While a full kitchen renovation may not be the right choice for most homes, doing a simple and beautiful upgrade to your kitchen backsplash can truly revitalize the feel of your kitchen and reestablish a positive atmosphere.
Some of the benefits of doing a kitchen backsplash upgrade include:
  • Even though kitchen backsplashes are connected to your sink at some point, you can truly use any backsplash tile you like.
  • A kitchen backsplash is generally not exposed to much physical wear, which means that paying for the best, most beautiful backsplash is a worthwhile investment because it will last for years.
  • The rules regarding a backsplash are minimal; you simply need to select one that complements your cabinets and countertops.
When looking at kitchen backsplash tiles you have an incredible wealth of beautiful tile options. Each of these tiles has benefits to using them, and should be considered depending on the design and layout of your kitchen.
Subway Tiles
Subway tiles come in 3” x 6” sized tiles and are a truly timeless tradition for the backsplash. The designs for subway tile range from marble, travertine, ceramic and many more styles. These kinds of tiles are perfect for smaller kitchen backsplashes and when placed horizontally, will make the kitchen feel more spacious.
Glass Tiles
Glass tiles are one of the most in demand kitchen backsplash materials today. They are moisture resistant, very easy to clean and installation is incredibly simple. Not only that, but they are truly stunning to look at. They come in a variety of colours, sizes and finishes, ranging from opaque, clear, frosted and tinted. They generally come in good-sized sheets up to 12-inch square sheets.
Marble Tiles
Marble mosaic is very beautiful and comes in a variety of styles. It generally comes in either a glossy or a rustic tumbled marble look, and sometimes can have both finishes. Marble backsplashes add elegance to any kitchen.
Metal Tiles
A newer, and hot commodity in the tile industry is metal tiles. Coming in a variety of materials including copper, tin and stainless steel, these kinds of backsplashes offer sophistication, beauty and will retain their appeal for decades to come. Metal tiles are certainly something to consider.
Revitalizing a kitchen can be accomplished by doing a simple backsplash upgrade. This small upgrade can change the entire feel of your kitchen, accentuate cabinets and really improve the positive energy for guests and family alike.